Global Jet Capital Debuts New Business Aviation Market Forecast with Insights through 2025

Danbury, CT – June 22, 2021 - Global Jet Capital, a global leader in financial solutions for business aircraft, has announced its first-ever Business Aviation Market Forecast. This expansive forecast contains projections through 2025 for the business aviation market, including new deliveries and pre-owned transactions. The report contains a high level of detail based on outputs generated by Global Jet Capital’s proprietary transaction forecast model.

“Business aviation is a unique market with limited macro data sets that can be taken at face value, but there are always far richer stories that lie beneath—aircraft by aircraft, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, client by client. We’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding those richer storylines and fundamentals through this unique transaction model and other data analytics,” Andrew Farrant, Chief Marketing Officer, stated.

Based on its model, Global Jet Capital projects $162.1 billion in total transaction volume of new and pre-owned transactions between 2021 and 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.4 percent during that time.

The decision to share this information with the public reflects Global Jet Capital’s commitment to thought leadership in business aviation. The transaction forecast model responsible for these powerful insights was used initially to shape Global Jet Capital’s annual operating plan and has grown substantially in complexity and sophistication over the years. The new Market Forecast includes granular insights into transaction unit and dollar volume for new and pre-owned aircraft across geographical market segments, projected new deliveries across size classes, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) activity that round out this detailed picture of the coming years.

Global Jet Capital believes that the projections contained within the forecast will be a useful tool for individuals and organizations as they navigate the years to come. To download the Market Forecast, visit:

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