Global Jet Capital Marks a Decade with $4B in Aircraft Financing

DANBURY, CT – Feb. 5, 2024

Global Jet Capital (GJC) recently surpassed $4 billion in aircraft financing originations to users of new and pre-owned aircraft. This major milestone coincides with the Company's commemoration of a decade in business and affirms GJC’s unwavering commitment to providing a distinctive, customer-centric financing experience.

From its inception in 2014, GJC has been dedicated to delivering bespoke financing solutions with unparalleled speed and flexibility, setting the Company apart in an increasingly competitive financial marketplace. Recognized globally for its singular focus on financing business aircraft, GJC boasts a talented group of experts in this asset class, enabling the Company to navigate complex deals with unmatched expertise and agility.

Reflecting on these milestones, Vivek Kaushal, Chief Executive Officer, said "Looking back on our journey to this point, one of the things I’m most proud of is the team's history of stepping into complex situations and quickly removing obstacles and making deals happen for our clients and their advisors."

GJC has grown substantially over the past 10 years. Operations commenced in 2014, and in 2015 the Company expanded its scale and reach with the acquisition of GE Capital’s business aircraft portfolio. In 2018, GJC issued the first asset-backed securitization (ABS) backed exclusively by business jet operating leases and loans, for which it won a securitization award—beginning a series of successful ABS transactions that persisted even during the financial downturn of the pandemic period. To date, the Company has issued an aggregate of $3.6 billion of ABS notes and continues to demonstrate outstanding portfolio management.

"As we celebrate a decade in business and surpass $4 billion in financing, these milestones underscore our firm commitment to leadership in the business aircraft financing industry. We remain steadfast in our dedication to hearing and understanding our clients' needs and delivering structures and solutions to meet them,” stated Kaushal. “Most importantly, we express our gratitude to all who have supported us over the past 10 years. With a decade of achievements behind us, we eagerly anticipate the next 10 years and are enthusiastic about the future."

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