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Your ADS-B Questions, Answered by Global Jet Capital

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/5/18 2:35 PM
Image 1 - Air Traffic Control Radar

In 2010, the FAA mandated that an Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) system be installed on aircraft flying in most US airspace, with a deadline of January 1, 2020. The shift to a completely new system has incited a flurry of activity and comment in the aviation community, and aircraft modification shops are beginning to book up as the deadline looms.

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Aircraft Financing: Is the Recovery Underway?

Posted by GJC Insider on 1/12/16 4:33 PM


The growth in lending is driven by rising demand for business aircraft, providing some relief for residual values (the amount a bank can recover from an aircraft after a lease is up, or as collateral on a loan).

“Look back to 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, every year the forecasters kept saying, ‘This is the year the market recovers.’ Eventually, they turned out to be right,” said Shawn Vick, executive director and chairman of Global Jet Capital.

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$647 Million of Mid-Large Sized Private Jets for Sale in Middle East

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/19/15 11:46 AM

New research from Global Jet Capital, a provider of financing solutions for large-cabin, long-range private jets, reveals there are around 62 aircraft of this size for sale in the Middle East, with a combined value of around $646.9 million.

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Research Reveals Importance of Florida's Business Jet Market

Posted by GJC Insider on 10/27/15 4:31 PM


New research from Boca Raton based Global Jet Capital, a provider of financing solutions for large-cabin, long-range private jets, reveals there are around 2,100 business aircraft in Florida. This is the second largest fleet of business aircraft in the United States after Texas (which has around 2,780 business aircraft).

Global Jet Capital’s research shows there are more business aircraft in Florida than in six of the seven most advanced economies in the world – Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Canada. On a regional level, Fort Lauderdale has the largest number of registered business aircraft in Florida, with 321 aircraft, followed by Miami and West Palm Beach.

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