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Top 10 Business Aviation Events In 2018

Posted by Justin Gaeta & David Labrecque on 12/31/18 6:00 AM

As we ring in the New Year, we couldn't help but feel nostalgic. In 2018, the business aviation industry experienced countless changes and developments, but it concluded the year stronger than ever. As we look forward to 2019, we felt compelled to take a trip down memory lane.

From new aircraft model releases (and cancellations), to World Cup side effects and new business aviation offerings in the market, join us as we reflect on the top 10 events that helped shape the business aviation industry in 2018.

Let's recap the highlights:

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Are Larger Aircraft the Future of Business Aviation?

Posted by GJC Insider on 12/6/18 8:43 AM
Global Jet Capital - Larger Jets Infographic

The increasing shift in preference from mid-size to larger aircraft is reflective of the global economy and how successful companies today are doing business. But buying a larger aircraft means a much higher capital outlay for purchase—which is why operating leases are becoming so attractive. They offer lower residual value risk, flexibility, and an unparalleled level of convenience, helping a business aircraft fit into more balance sheets and support the business goals of organizations around the world.

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Your ADS-B Questions, Answered by Global Jet Capital

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/5/18 2:35 PM
Image 1 - Air Traffic Control Radar

In 2010, the FAA mandated that an Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) system be installed on aircraft flying in most US airspace, with a deadline of January 1, 2020. The shift to a completely new system has incited a flurry of activity and comment in the aviation community, and aircraft modification shops are beginning to book up as the deadline looms.

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What to Ask When Your Aircraft Lease is Expiring

Posted by Steve Day on 5/9/18 2:07 PM

What questions should you ask when your aircraft lease arrangement is coming to an end? Decisions will need to be made, but how can you ensure you're in the best position to make them? Global Jet Capital's Steve Day offers insights...

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Financing: Which Aircraft are Most Likely to Qualify?

Posted by Vivek Kaushal on 5/8/18 2:16 PM

Is the goal of getting financing for a used aircraft really so difficult in today’s BizAv marketplace? Global Jet Capital’s Vivek Kaushal discusses, offering tips on ways to maximize your chances when selecting your next aircraft.

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Does Private Air Travel Really Make a Difference?

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/21/16 8:30 AM
aircraft image 3.jpeg

We have all heard that flying privately is a luxurious way to travel, but the question remains, is it really worth it? Is it worth the money to buy or lease a private aircraft? Is it worth the time to oversee the transaction? Is it really everything that it has been made out to be?

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Aviation Financing 101: Buying New v. Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Aircraft

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/17/16 8:30 AM
aircraft image 2.jpeg

When businesses are looking to acquire their own air transport, used private aircraft for sale are often a second choice for no good reason. Businesses and executives can find high volume, pre-owned private jets available for sale that not only provide substantial cost savings, but have the service and support they need that rivals a new aircraft manufacturer’s warranty support. For those looking to reduce their costs without having to sacrifice an advantageous mode of transport, buying pre-owned is sometimes the best option. Let’s consider the advantages of pre-owned versus a new aircraft.

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Investing in a Private Aircraft

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/14/16 8:30 AM
aircraft image 1.jpeg

Access to a business aircraft is a sure sign of a well-run, forward-thinking business. However, like any investment, acquiring a private jet merits careful evaluation. Planes start depreciating in value the minute they’re purchased, making your financing decision among the biggest choices you’ll make for your business.

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Finding Value in Your Private Aircraft Investment

Posted by GJC Insider on 11/11/16 8:30 AM

Corporate jets used to be only for the Fortune 500 companies of the world. That’s not so any longer. There has, as of late, been an explosion in the growth of corporate aircraft leasing, to increasingly different types of business clients. More companies are coming to the conclusion that they stand to benefit greatly from leasing a private aircraft. The financial sector is keeping up with the increased demand for business aircraft financing by adding different leasing and financing options, which in turn is making the reality of having the use of, and benefit of, a private business jet a real possibility for a larger segment of the business world.

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