Jerry McGuire and Business Aircraft Finance – Why Aviation Finance Attorneys are a Must


When you think of the most famous movie line from Jerry McGuire, I guarantee you can picture Cuba Gooding Jr. yelling, “Show me the money!!” That sentiment isn’t really all that different from what anyone looking for business aircraft financing wants to hear. At Global Jet Capital, we want to show up with the money while at the same time making the documentation and closing process as easy as possible for our customers. In this regard, I think the most underrated movie line from Jerry McGuire, yet the most applicable one to our business, is when Tom Cruise pleads, “Help me, help you…help me, help you.”

One important way a customer can help us help them – and ensure a smooth documentation process – is to hire an experienced aviation finance attorney.  An experienced aviation attorney can advise a customer to consider, for example, whether they need to consider certain allowances on prohibited jurisdictions or incorporate flexibility for future business plans that may affect the credit standing of the aircraft owning or leasing entity. Beyond an efficient documentation process for the financing, a specialized business aviation attorney can assist a customer in their operational objectives and tax planning surrounding the aircraft.

Without an attorney who has experience helping a customer evaluate its expected use of an aircraft and advocating appropriately for that use, all sides of the transaction are likely to experience deal fatigue by wasting time on irrelevant topics. Instead of focusing on structuring and use, attorneys and advisors may spend valuable time negotiating matters that have limited bearing on the realities of operating the aircraft.  

The team at Global Jet Capital is ready, willing, and excited to show their customers the money!   By engaging experienced aviation finance attorneys to either lead or supplement your in-house team, you can help us help you make that process an easy and enjoyable one. 

With more than two hundred years of collective experience and thousands of aircraft transactions behind us, we are uniquely qualified to do what we do. Get in touch today to learn how Global Jet Capital can help you and your business. 

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