Does Private Air Travel Really Make a Difference?

Does Private Air Travel Really Make a Difference?

We have all heard that flying privately is a luxurious way to travel, but the question remains, is it really worth it? Is it worth the money to buy or lease a private aircraft? Is it worth the time to oversee the transaction? Is it really everything that it has been made out to be?

The short answer is yes.  They may be considered as a luxurious venture, but private jets are actually a tool of efficiency and productivity. While it may seem like you save a lot of money flying commercially, the fees and expenses will continue to rise every year and after years of traveling expenses and time wasted to fly aboard commercial airlines, you would have made your money back by owning your own, or leasing a private jet.

Save Time with a Small Private Jet

You save a lot of time when you choose to fly privately. Instead of adjusting your schedule to that of the airlines, you get to choose to fly when you want and go where you want without making any stops or having any layovers. As long as your jet has the fuel capacity to get you there, you will fly direct every single time. Flying privately allows you to bypass the check-in lines, TSA screenings and baggage claim. You won’t be subjected to flight delays and cancellations due to weather. You can streamline travel by flying out of smaller, less busy airports or a Fixed Base of Operation (FBO) at larger hub airports. Without the need for a large runway, you are able to arrive and depart as swiftly as possible; working up to the second of takeoff instead of arriving hours before a flight.

You also save time in the air. Private jets are built with the capacity to takeoff, climb and fly at speeds faster than their commercial counterparts. They fly above the commercial airlines, allowing them the freedom to fly without having to compete with commercial planes for airspace, making for a much better flying experience.

Monetary Benefits

Whereas you would seemingly be paying more per passenger to fly on a private jet up front, everyone knows that flying commercial, especially for business, is more than just purchasing a plane ticket. It’s baggage fees, flight change fees, cancellation fees, airline internet fees – it’s also expenses paid in accommodations: hotel fees, internet and booking fees. All of these fees could be avoided if you were flying aboard a private jet.

Owning or leasing a private jet allows you the freedom to fly on your own terms. A one-day meeting no longer has to be an overnight trip solely because the airline didn’t have any outgoing flights for that afternoon or evening. Delays no longer have to turn into weeklong expenditures due to cancellations. Flying privately allows you to arrive when you need to and depart when you need to; the only extra time spent on business trips is only the time you allow. This saves a lot of money on business reports and expenses because it gives you less to monitor, which saves you time and money on the labor of reimbursing employees. If four people leave for a meeting, you already know how much they’re spending to get there and back. You have effectively gone from four expense reports to one in a matter of seconds.

A Tool for Productivity & Efficiency

Above all, when you’re flying privately, work remains work. It has been proven that business travelers are more productive when they are flying on a private aircraft, which means you actually make money.

In a recent study by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), 2/3 passengers felt they were more productive on business aircraft than when they are in the office. This increased level of productivity is due to the decrease in distractions to keep them away from doing the work that needed to be done. They also have cited that they are least likely to fall asleep on a private aircraft than they are flying commercial and they find themselves at ease and more prepared for their business meetings upon landing. 

Wi-Fi comes standard nowadays on many private aircraft, allowing CEOs, managers, executives and every employee on board to complete their daily routines and tasks while they are on their way to their next location. This helps keep them sharp, attentive and connected to the office even when they are miles away.

Purchasing or leasing a private jet can be a complex process, but the benefits gained are absolutely worth it. Outside of saving time and money, you are really able to invest in your company and staff in a way that creates a better work environment for them. When the employees and management are thriving, being productive, and are not under stress, your business becomes the beneficiary.

The ability to fly private gives people the ability to see traveling for work as an asset, a perk, a privilege -instead of something that’s ‘just for the job’. It becomes a goal, something for people to strive for, work for, and earn which, in the long run, will produce more efficient and effective and productive employees in every area of your business because they will see it as a reward and not as an expense of doing their job.

The price of flying commercial is going to continue to skyrocket; the need for people to travel for business is increasing rapidly. Stop wasting your travel expense budget on the surging cost of airfare and find a better solution through private aircraft acquisition with Global Jet Capital. Our aviation financing options allow for a smooth and timely acquisition process, having your business airborne in no time at all. Discover what all of our expertise, financial strength and industry relationships can do for your business by calling us at +1 (844) 436-8200.
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