When it Comes to Older Aircraft, Age is Just a Number


We often get asked – why are financiers unwilling to finance older pre-owned business jets. I’m not sure if that’s just an anecdotal impression, but at GJC, we finance aircraft across the age spectrum. Here are a few quick observations on this topic:

  • Business jets are built to the same standards as commercial jets, but their usage is 10-15% of a typical commercial jet.
  • Business jets have to be maintained to standards stipulated by the same regulatory agencies as commercial jets, which are just as detailed and rigorous.
  • Business jet owners and operators take excellent care of their aircraft – after all, they themselves, along with their families and close business associates are on the plane.

Given these facts, for us, it’s really about making sure we do our due diligence on the aircraft to make sure there aren’t any deviations from the above norms.

Where lenders may stipulate an outside age limit, say 5 years, our target is up to 12 years, and we can stretch to 15 years for the right credit and situation.

After all, such aircraft constitute over two-thirds of the installed base of business jets by value. As a dedicated financier of business aircraft, our goal is to provide solutions for a broad spectrum of the market – we just approach it objectively and leverage our team’s expertise to make sure it’s the right plane to finance.

With more than two hundred years of collective experience and thousands of aircraft transactions behind us, we are uniquely qualified to do what we do. Get in touch today to learn how Global Jet Capital can help you and your business. 

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