Shawn Vick Discusses Business Aviation & COVID-19 in JetNet iQ Pulse

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Shawn Vick, Chairman and CEO of Global Jet Capital, was recently featured in the latest issue of JetNet iQ Pulse, a digital report published by JetNet that provides up-to-date information and unique insight on the state of the business aviation market.

Within the “Business Aviation: An Enduring Value Proposition” segment of the issue (page 3), Vick shares his insight on fact-based assessments and industry introspection. He discusses how the effects of the COVID-19 shutdowns translate to the business aviation market. Additionally, he claims that the result of suppressed production and transaction activity during this time can be seen in inventory levels that remain around 10 percent, a range considered healthy for a global fleet of 22,000 business jets. In comparison, over the course of 2008, inventory levels averaged over 15 percent. Finally, he encourages teams to “use this period of uncertainty and its associated business slowdown to take a close look at our respective business for areas of improvement ranging from supplier agreements, operating systems, go to market and brand strategies, to employee engagement”.

In the issue:

  • Shawn Vick discusses the importance of fact-based assessments and industry introspection
  • In-flight connectivity in today’s business aircraft
  • Aircraft Financing Trends - Cash vs. loan/lease trends for new and pre-owned aircraft
  • JETNET iQ Market Sentiment - We are witnessing a nice rebound in the business aircraft owner/operator community already evident in our Q3 2020 JETNET iQ Survey
  • Business Jet Utilization Levels - Comparing 2019 to 2020 through August 24 in each year

To view the full issue, download here:

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