Take Control of Your Travels with Private Jet Leasing

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Many businesses are discovering the advantages of private jet leasing over commercial flights, and even over chartered flights. In years past, many business owners probably were steered deterred by the high upfront cost associated with purchasing an aircraft. However, that is no longer the case due to the emergence of aircraft leasing options available to businesses no matter their budget. Instead of luxury, many of today’s lessees are in search of the added convenience, comfort and all around improved control over their travels.

The Conveniences of Business Jet Leasing

Leasing a private jet from an aircraft leasing company can be a great solution for your business or personal travel. When you lease a private aircraft, you can depart and arrive on your schedule, not the one set by a commercial airline. You won’t have to worry about making your connection, and can feel free to bring as much luggage as you need.

If you're a busy executive, having a leased aircraft for your business trips will project a very professional and efficient image of your company, and your team will soon see the benefits of increased face-to-face interactions with clients from all across the world. It will also make you more productive on your business trips, because it will take less total time for travel, and you will arrive in a much more relaxed state of mind, compared to how frazzled you might get when things inevitably go wrong with your commercial flight.

While you are in-flight, you will enjoy personalized service that goes far beyond the peanuts and soft drink you might get on a commercial airline, and you will never be the 36th row to receive refreshment service on the plane. 

Costs Benefits of an Operating Lease

An operating lease allows the lessee to have possession of an aircraft while the lessor retains actual ownership. This arrangement is advantageous to the lessee, because the significant up-front costs associated with ownership can be avoided while reaping all the benefits of possession and operation. In an operating lease structure, the lessee pays a monthly payment over a pre-agreed term.

At the close of the leasing period, if all the terms and conditions are met, a lessee can then choose to renew their current lease, trade-in their private business jet for a newer model or return the jet without any financial penalty.

Aircraft Management

To avoid having to personally manage the aircraft, i.e. the maintenance, the operation, all supplies and other costs can be handled by an aircraft management company. There are many such companies that take complete care of the aircraft for an owner or lessee for a monthly or annual service charge. This relieves the lessee from having to be concerned with any of the details of aircraft management, thus avoiding hassles and providing peace of mind.

Another hugely beneficial aspect of leasing and retaining an aircraft management company is the handling of the aircraft when it is not in actual use by the lessee. Rather than have the aircraft sit idle when not being used, and having it simply generate expense, the aircraft can be held out for charter and generate revenue for the lessee to offset its costs.

In this way, the aircraft can be used at any time for any purpose by the main lessee, and all the benefits of owning a private jet are available to the lessee. When the aircraft is not needed, it can be earning money for its lessee, which helps to reduce the monthly costs.

For convenience, for affordability, for prestige and comfort - any way you look at it, leasing a private jet can be the best way to travel these days. Start navigating your way through the aviation financing process with help from Global Jet Capital. Having a combined 200-plus years of experience on their side, the team at Global Jet Capital has the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to help you find the perfect corporate jet leasing option for you. Start taking control over your travels and call Global Jet Capital today at +1 (844) 436-8200.

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