7 Reasons Business Aviation is Turning to Operating Leases

7 Reasons Business Aviation is Turning to Operating Leases

An operating lease provides an ownership experience without being in the full business of owning an aircraft. Some people may not be aware that operating leases provide many benefits that other business aircraft financing solutions don’t. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Reduced Risk and Predictable Expenses: Offload all future market value to the Lessor in exchange for a fixed set of lease payments that will not change over time.
  • Conserve Capital: Monetize up to 100% of the value of the aircraft, conserving capital for investment in other more profitable ventures.
  • Disposition Certitude: The GJC “end-of-lease return option” provides a built in “buyer” for your aircraft at lease-end for eventual ease of disposition. This enables a smooth transition into your next aircraft avoiding the cost, time on market delays and hassle typically associated with aircraft sales.
  • More Efficient Tax Treatment: For many business aviation users, rents under an Operating Lease are an efficient, long term tax-deductible expense.
  • Flexibility: We take our cue from your operational needs. The lease allows for early termination to upgrade, acquire or dispose of the aircraft should your needs change during the term.
  • Keep Your Bank for Banking: A GJC Operating Lease provides substantial funding for a depreciating asset that is separate and apart from other primary bank facilities.
  • Greater Privacy: An Operating Lease reduces visibility to an aircraft’s end user, as the public records of the FAA would identify Global Jet Capital as the owner of the aircraft.

Is an operating lease the right solution for you? Contact us here to connect with one of our business aviation experts to discuss private aircraft financing options.

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