Finding Value in Your Private Aircraft Investment

Finding Value in Your Private Aircraft Investment

Corporate jets used to be only for the Fortune 500 companies of the world. That’s not so any longer. There has, as of late, been an explosion in the growth of corporate aircraft leasing, to increasingly different types of business clients. More companies are coming to the conclusion that they stand to benefit greatly from leasing a private aircraft. The financial sector is keeping up with the increased demand for business aircraft financing by adding different leasing and financing options, which in turn is making the reality of having the use of, and benefit of, a private business jet a real possibility for a larger segment of the business world.

Acquisition of a private aircraft brings many perks to those who find a path to corporate aircraft leasing. Here is just a small sampling of how your organization can benefit.

Benefits of Corporate Aircraft Leasing

Financial benefits aside, corporate aircraft leasing provides businesses with a variety of bottom-line benefits that can provide your business with a much-needed boost.

  1. Time is Money:

When a company is at the mercy of the airline’s schedule, it doesn’t only cost them valuable time. Lost time translates into lost profits, and that is an untenable situation for any company. Missed meetings due to delayed or cancelled flights, can mean the difference between sealing the deal of a lifetime or losing it. When a company is able to secure business aircraft financing, and with it a private aircraft, this problem is largely relegated to the “solved” pile. You can fly when you need to, wherever you need to go, with no input from the airlines. This puts you squarely in control  of the time spent traveling.

  1. Efficiency Matters

Think of the last time you took a flight, commercial or private. Do you remember how long it took to get through all of the processes that you were required to submit yourself to when you flew? The average time it takes to off board from a private flight is approximately five or six minutes, and that’s a great deal of saved time. Another matter to consider, along the lines of efficiency, is the fact that not all locations your team needs to access are serviced by an airport. In the cases where there isn’t one available, one without access to private air travel must also endure an extra leg of the journey by car once they arrive on the ground. Securing corporate aircraft financing can help eliminate this inefficient mode of travel by bringing your team closer to potential clients with access to airfields all across the country, reducing the extra time traveling and creating time for more important duties.

  1. Safety Concerns

Recent headlines are enough to scare anyone away from commercial flight. From the threat of radiation from the body scanners to being physically touched in ways that are uncomfortable to most, and illegal if performed by anyone else besides the TSA, there are many causes for concern.  As recently seen in Belgium, safety across the world is consistently being threatened by terrorist organizations bent on destruction. Air travel can be an anxiety producing, and unsafe venture. CEOs are often targets for nefarious characters, as well, so they often need to limit contact with the public-at-large, and this means at airports too. Securing private aircraft helps mitigate some of these risks.

  1. Competitive Edge

Corporate aircraft leasing opens up the ultra-competitive world of successful business up to organizations who might not typically be able to take advantage of private jet travel. With the ability to fly wherever you want in a moment’s notice, the lessee of a private jet can now compete with larger companies. The business benefits from the ability to be anywhere, anytime. The jet can also be used to impress clients and close the deal. Impressions count, and a private corporate jet makes a mighty fine impression. A great first impression, most certainly, gives one a competitive edge.

As you can see, there are many benefits to leasing a corporate jet. Procuring business aircraft financing can make all the difference in how the world views your company, and in how effectively you can meet all of the many obligations required of a business traveler. If you are considering leasing a private jet for your company, reach out to the team at Global Jet Capital. We have the tools and expertise to create a corporate aircraft leasing strategy that fits your unique needs.

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