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Uncovering the Real Value of Private Jet Travel

Posted by GJC Insider on 7/28/15 4:00 PM

At face value, one may not fully appreciate the savings involved in private jet ownership. A first class round trip ticket could cost up to $8,000 while the same trip via private jet may cost up to $4,500 per passenger. While this may not seem to be the best deal for your business, the idea that time is money makes the idea of private aviation leasing a very good proposition.

Putting Time on Your Side

Without question, time is one of the most valuable assets for your business. Under the limitations of commercial airline travel, many businesses spend far too long waiting through layovers and sitting in cramped airplane cabins missing important call and emails as valuable seconds tick away.

  • Time is Money

By owning or leasing a private jet, you can arrive at the airport minutes before the flight without the hassle of TSA and long check-in lines. Arrival at your destination is equally as easy, meeting a car beside the aircraft and loading your bags directly from aircraft to vehicle instead of waiting for them on a crowded terminal carousel. Going to the exact town where your next meeting is located is a major benefit of private jet ownership, avoiding inefficient layovers in larger hubs and traveling directly to your meeting location.

  • Time Kills All Deals

Anyone in business knows that as time lags, deals fall apart. Time is the sworn enemy of closing any deal, more so in today’s on-demand society than ever before. Private jet travel grants business leaders the opportunity to act on a moment’s notice, meeting prospective clients from all across the country no matter how many thousands of miles away in a timely matter to get the deal done, put pen to paper and close deals faster than ever before.

No matter where your destination may be, getting there on your own private jet keeps you traveling with speed and productivity unmatched by other means of air travel.

Privacy in the Air

Often, business owners, CEOs and senior leaders require the privacy afforded by a private jet. Business conversations and decisions can be very sensitive in nature and confidentiality is critical. Unpatented new inventions, takeover details or your closing strategy for a major new piece of business cannot be discussed in public and hours spent clearing security, waiting for your flight and dealing with airline delays could cost you a major deal.

When you operate your own private jet, only those invited are allowed on board. You have the freedom to hold uninterrupted meetings while in the air, traveling from destination to destination with 100% privacy. Private jets can be equipped with the latest technologies such as wi-fi for internet access, satellite communications, and multimedia systems, allowing you and your passengers to have access to your company’s most vital data as you prepare for your meeting.

Arriving Relaxed, Refreshed & Recharged

It’s not just the senior leaders who need to get where they are going quickly and efficiently via private aircraft. 70% of business travelers on private jets hold middle management positions, and they do so feeling more refreshed and ready to act than ever before. Privacy in the air allows travelers to focus on the task at hand, be it preparing for a big client pitch or polishing up your presentation skills. When it comes to commercial air travel, planes are forced to fly at a high altitude, putting a significant amount of pressure on the body to negate the effects of this higher altitude.

Private jets, however, coast to their destinations at altitudes far below that of their commercial peers. While it may not seem like much, the lower altitude makes a huge difference inside your body, keeping your heart and lungs from overworking to transport oxygen throughout the body and allowing you to feel refreshed and alert when arriving at your destination.

Benefits of Ownership and Leasing

There are many factors to consider when determining how to finance a private jet. While ownership with traditional loan financing can offer tax-related depreciation benefits, an operating lease is becoming a popular alternative to maintain a smaller balance sheet and allocate capital to revenue generating assets versus a private jet. Further, an operating lease offers substantially greater flexibility at the end of the term, as the lessor takes the residual value and remarketing risk on the aircraft. As the operator, you simply return the aircraft and turn your attention to its replacement.

For business owners, a good way to estimate if a business jet aircraft is for you is to estimate how many hours of actual time you spend in the air annually. For those who spend more than 150 to 200 hours in the air each year, acquiring an aircraft may be the best decision.

Traveling via a private jet offers efficiency, productivity, amenities and comfort quite like no other. Your private business jet can be outfitted in any way you wish, allowing you to customize your travel experience to suit all of your traveling needs.

Leasing a private jet offers many benefits over ownership – especially to a highly visible corporation. No matter what your travel needs may be, contact the private aircraft financing experts at Global Jet Capital to help your business take flight. Our team of private jet financing experts has the industry knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way through your aircraft acquisition process, delivering novel financing constructs to help provide a quick boost to your business. Stop wasting your money and valuable time aboard commercial flights and contact the team at Global Jet Capital today to finance your own private aircraft.