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There’s no denying that private jets provide a little extra luxury and class to almost any company, but is it the real reason so many businesses send teams soaring into the skies in this type of aircraft?

The business aviation community is expanding to businesses big and small to help do more with less time. While private air travel does have a reputation of glitz and glam, the real gains of flying privately are about much more than added comfort and luxury. Instead, private jets are seen as a big part of any business’s efficiency arsenal, helping them stay in control and improve productivity all while staying ahead of the competition. These intangible assets are what leads many decision-makers to their business aircraft acquisition.

Added Value of Private Aircraft Investment

More Control and Reliability than the Commercial Airline

Staying in control is the key to success for many businesses, and nothing puts your team in the driver’s seat of their destiny like a private jet. Commercial flight passengers are left to the mercy of the airline. Last minute changes to your itinerary, lost or misplaced luggage, weather-related reroutes and unscheduled aircraft maintenance are just some of the ways commercial airlines can create an unpredictable travel environment.

On the other hand, private jet leasing puts you in control and makes your trip more predictable. Added flying flexibility allows you to travel and plan trips when it works best for your schedule, and land where you want and even make a trip to multiple meeting destinations all in one day. You’re no longer at the mercy of commercial airline schedules and can easily fit around any personal or business obligation. Dealing with lost or misplaced luggage isn’t a concern. You schedule your aircraft’s maintenance, avoiding added time spent waiting on last minute repairs.

Another area where private business jets provide more control is through limiting the public exposure of your travels. In today’s cutthroat business economy, confidentiality is your best ally when looking to stay one step ahead of the competition. While commercial air travel puts your team in the public air, flying on a private jet provides your team with privacy for the duration of the trip. Pilots, flight attendants and the crew who service your aircraft are handpicked by your organization to ensure confidentiality and privacy whether you’re in the air or on the ground.

Saving Time and Staying Productive in the Air

Most of us are aware of the stresses that are associated with commercial air travel. Passengers can spend hours getting to and from the airport, standing in security screening lines, passing time before boarding the aircraft and finally waiting in line to take off on the runway.

With a private jet, travel is as easy as arriving at the airport, boarding your aircraft and taking flight. Your team can arrive minutes before their scheduled departure instead of hours in advance, and access to smaller airports means shorter runway waiting times allowing you to reach your destination faster than ever before.

No one likes working in the cramped corridors of a commercial flight, and as a result, little gets done onboard a commercial aircraft. On the other hand, according to NBAA, private jets offer your team all the amenities and tools they need to stay connected with the office and prepare for the meetings ahead. In fact, many private aircraft passengers feel they are more productive in the air than they are in the office environment. Whether it’s time spent on work-related tasks or holding meetings with other employees or customers, business aircraft passengers are far more engaged and active than their commercial passenger counterparts.

Quite frankly, commercial travel isn’t designed to support the ever-evolving needs of busy business executives who need quick and convenient travel in a moment’s notice. Don’t sacrifice inflight freedom and start taking control over your company’s destiny with private jet leasing from Global Jet Capital. Our representatives can help you navigate through the financial complexities a to find a private jet leasing solution tailored to fit your company’s budget. Discover all the ways private jet acquisition through leasing can benefit your organization and contact Global Jet Capital today by calling +1 (844) 436-8200 or visiting

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